How Your Company Can Improve Profitability by Working with a Modern IT Service Provider

Because technology has become ingrained in just about every part of business operations, how well it’s executed has a big impact on profitability. If you’re not taking full advantage of efficiencies tech has to offer or not ensuring your infrastructure is proactively maintained, you can easily fall behind your competitors and pay higher costs than you need to.

If you’re trying to manage your network, computers, hardware, software, applications, and data all on your own, that’s similar to trying to handle all your electrical, HVAC, and plumbing work without a professional to help.

There are multiple moving parts to the technology that’s the backbone of today’s offices, which is why using a modern IT service provider is a smart move that can also improve your bottom line.

44% of businesses expect their IT expenses to increase in 2020, which means the other 56% are hoping to keep their technology expenses the same or decrease them. By working with an IT pro to manage your tech, you can be one of those that sees decreased expenses in 2020 and improved profitability.

Save Money with Guidance from an IT Expert

If you know how to fully optimize your use of technology, you can expand your organization’s capabilities, realize new opportunities, and lower your overhead.

Working with a modern IT pro is about more than simply fixing your computers or installing your network. At Cloudavize, our mission is to solve problems and contribute to business success using technology, and we help our clients do that in a number of ways.

  1. Improved Productivity

Doing something as simple as implementing an automated process to save each user 30 minutes per day doing repetitive tasks can have a big impact on your team’s productivity. The right technology and cloud applications can also open up new business opportunities that mean more sales.

Here are some key ways you can improve productivity by working with an IT professional.

Cloud Solutions Unlock Remote Work Capabilities

There has been a huge surge in remote workers in the last decade. Currently, 66% of companies allow remote work and 16% are run completely with a remote staff. There’s a reason that huge companies like Apple and U-Haul, as well as many others have embraced a remote workforce. These include:

  • Ability to hire the best talent, no matter where they are
  • Improved productivity
  • Less sick days taken
  • Better overall morale

By using the right cloud solutions, you can easily manage remote workers and realize the benefits that many other companies experience when implementing a remote workforce.

Business Process Automation Opportunities

You may be missing out on the automation opportunities that many of the cloud programs you’re using right now can provide. By automating a process such as having a webform automatically populating into a CRM program and notifying your sales team of a new lead, can reduce time-consuming repetitive tasks and also help your team be more efficient.

A modern IT professional can show you how to unlock the power of automation to improve your bottom line.

Proactive Maintenance & Monitoring

Each unmanaged computer costs companies an average of $5,000 per year due to downtime, lost productivity, emergency repair costs, and decreased longevity.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring through managed IT services improve system and network performance, reduce costly downtime, and ensure your technology, and thus your business, is running smoothly.

Increases Revenues

Being able to do things like automate an email nurture campaign and respond to new inquiries right away due to alerts help you capture more new and repeat business and increase sales revenues.

  1. Reduce Costs

In concert with increasing productivity and revenue, lowering costs help you improve your overall business profitability. Here are the ways that a technology pro can help you in this area.

Offload All IT Processes to Experts

While you may think you’re saving money at first, by trying to handle your IT yourself, the related downtime and time taken away from growing your business means it’s costing you more to self-manage your IT.

Using an expert reduces the time it takes for overall IT management and ensures optimum efficiency and a predictable monthly IT cost, rather than unknown emergency expenses.

Reduce Hardware Costs

Using cloud solutions removes the need to budget for large hardware expenses. You’re also not slowed down due to the need to save for large infrastructure costs. The cloud allows you to easily scale up or down and implement new software at a fraction of the cost of non-cloud systems.

Lower Downtime Costs & Improve Equipment Lifespan

Proactive IT management can improve equipment lifespan by taking care of it properly, just like how good car maintenance improves vehicle longevity. Constant monitoring means your IT pro catches and addresses any potential issues before they result in costly downtime.

Reduced Expenses

Your overall IT expenses can be lowered when you work with an IT expert. We can take a look at your technology use and identify areas of redundancy or waste, to help you streamline and get better performance while also eliminating excess expenses.

  1. Working with a Managed Service Provider Reduces Risk

IT security is a major concern for businesses of all sizes and working with an IT provider can significantly reduce your risk of a data breach or crippling malware infection.

Proactive Security Maintenance & Monitoring

Cyberthreats come from all directions and most businesses need professional help to keep their network and devices safe. An IT pro can put regular patch and update management in place as well as 24/7 monitoring for any threats.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

With a majority of a company’s files and assets in digital format, a computer crash or natural disaster can be devastating if a business doesn’t have a reliable backup and recovery system in place. A managed service provider can ensure your backups are working properly by regularly monitoring them and can help you with a fast data recovery if needed in the event of data loss.

Experience the Advantages of Working with Cloudavize

Lower costs and improved profitability for your business are just a click away. Let Cloudavize help you realize technology benefits that can make your company stronger and fuel your growth.

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