5 Great Ways to Reduce Your Tech Costs with AWS

Companies are finding that a cloud environment can get costly if you don’t run it efficiently. In 2019, cloud spend was up by 50%, but cloud waste nearly doubled, and companies churned through about 30% of their apps.

Technology budgets can easily get out of hand when you have a patchwork structure of different hardware to maintain and various cloud applications from multiple vendors.

Some of the ways that cloud costs can get out of hand when you don’t have a unified cloud services environment are:

  • Inefficient processes
  • Multiple user interfaces for people to learn
  • Constant app switching degrades productivity
  • Inability to integrate and automate processes
  • Security isn’t uniform across all platforms
  • Payments to multiple cloud vendors with different billing systems
  • More administrative time and effort

One way to eliminate unnecessary costs is to use an overall cloud environment that provides one consistent infrastructure for all your cloud needs, like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

How AWS Can Reduce Your Costs Without Reducing Your Capabilities

AWS is a full cloud environment that allows you to build out your entire online infrastructure. From database storage and backups, to running apps and delivering content, you have the freedom to customize and streamline at the same time.

Instead of having to rely on the infrastructures of multiple companies and dealing with those limitations, you have much more control over your cloud workflow and can build out the functionality you need.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “We can’t connect those two apps, so we can’t automate that process.”
  • “I’ve put in a feature request for what we need, but the vendor can’t tell us when that functionality might be added.”
  • “We can apply our security policies to this app, but not those other two apps we use.”

These are all common barriers you run into when you’re not using a unified cloud environment like AWS.

Here are some of the ways you can reduce your overall technology costs by moving to Amazon Web Services.

Pay Only for What You Use

You never have to worry about over purchasing hardware or being locked into a plan for X number of user licenses, then having some go wasted. AWS allows you to pay only for what you need at any time.

Cloudavize AWS Certified technicians can review your current cloud use and help you optimize to reduce your overall cloud spend, without reducing any of your capabilities.

The on-demand pricing of AWS means you never get locked into paying more than you need to and your capabilities can flex along with your team and business needs.

Eliminate Expensive Webhosting

Most companies need to pay for webhosting in addition to all their cloud tools. Everything is separate. Using the AWS environment allows you to virtually host your applications, storage, AND content delivery, meaning your business website can be hosted on the same environment.

This gives you more control and can eliminate the need to pay for expensive webhosting from another vendor.

Savings Plans for Discounts

You have discount flexibility when using AWS. If you know you’ll be using a certain minimum number of resources, then you can make a commitment to that spend and get an overall discount. This saves you money for the resources you were using anyhow.

Automatic Scaling & Shutdown

Have you ever had employees leave or moved to another cloud app and someone didn’t remember to turn off the account? This is more common than you may realize and it’s one of the factors that increases cloud waste and has companies paying more than they need to for cloud services.

AWS has both automatic scaling and automatic shutdown. This means that the system can automatically adjust what you’re going to pay when it detects that resources aren’t being used.

Unused services are shut down to save you money and the system can scale up when you need it automatically as well, ensuring you never run into roadblocks.

This is great cost-saving feature and is akin to going from paying for cloud services like you do an internet bill (paying a set amount no matter what you use) to paying like your electric bill (paying only for the resources you use).

Cut Hardware Costs Drastically with Virtual Desktops

AWS is like having your own cloud infrastructure canvas. You can use the cloud resources in multiple ways. One of these is for virtual desktops, which take your employee computer environments and put them into a cloud workspace.

Through Amazon WorkSpaces hosted on AWS, you can drastically cut your hardware costs by hosting computers virtually that can be accessed by any device. Remote teams are also more empowered to have a consistent and secure experience.

Let Cloudavize Be Your Guide to Cost Cutting With AWS

Cloudadvize can work with your Dallas-Fort Worth business to build out an affordable, cost-saving, and optimized cloud infrastructure using AWS resources.

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