2023 Technology Trends Your Business Can Leverage on for Growth

If you want your business to evolve and grow, It might be time for a digital transformation. This refers to keeping up with technology trends, and implementing and improving digital tools and processes to achieve strategic business goals.

Utilizing the proper IT solutions can help you better satisfy consumer demands, save spending, provide services efficiently, and maintain agility in a business environment that is constantly changing. According to Statista, from 2018 to 2023, emerging technology trends are expected to grow by 104%. Hence there is a need to move with these trends if you want significant growth in your business, as the trends also promote sustainable growth

Even though your company is probably already employing digital technologies in day-to-day activities, keeping up with advances can give you a strategic advantage over the competition. For significant business growth in 2023, knowing the technology your business should adopt is essential.

Technology Trends That Will Grow Your Business

Continuing to evolve your digital systems will enhance overall business operations, optimize resilience, scale productivity, pioneer customer engagement, and secure sustainable technology solutions. Let’s look at a few of these technology trends.


Organizations are rapidly adopting artificial intelligence models, which may lead to a rise in complexities. Businesses must therefore check the validity of the AI models they have selected. Hence the need for AI TRism

AI TRiSM means AI Trust Risk and Security Management. It ensures that artificial intelligence (AI) model technologies carry out their intended tasks effectively and safely. 

AI TRiSM enables data protection, governance, trustworthiness, fairness, dependability, and robustness in AI models. It incorporates techniques for deriving insights from AI, deploying new models quickly, actively managing AI security, and enforcing privacy and ethical constraints.

Digital Immune System

A digital immune system is a mix of different software designs, automation, operations, development, analytics practices, and technologies to lower system failures that harm business performance and enhance user experience (UX).

The digital immune system can lessen the risks to business continuity when apps and services are affected or cease to function. Building digital immunity should begin with a well-crafted vision statement which helps to facilitate alignment and easy implementation, to be followed by the following six technological practices:

  • Chaos Engineering.
  • Observability.
  • AI-Augmented Testing.
  • Site Reliability Engineering.
  • Software Supply Chain Security
  • Auto-Remediation

Security Automation

Now that many businesses operate remotely or with hybrid teams, keeping a network secure has become more complicated. Introducing as much automation as possible into the cybersecurity framework can simplify the process.

According to IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, companies can reduce the cost of a data breach by approximately 65.2% by using security automation.

Platform Engineering

Software developers today must manage various factors that go into building resilient, safe, and capable apps, which is becoming more and more challenging as new tools, clouds, and workflows are used in software development. Platform engineering was created to aid software developers in managing the complexity of creating their applications. 

It offers a curated selection of tools and procedures that are packaged for developers and end users. The workload on development teams will decrease while end users’ productivity will grow.

Super Apps

Super apps are mobile or web applications that can perform various tasks, including processing payments and financial transactions. As a result, they can function as an all-inclusive online platform for communication and commerce that encompasses many facets of both personal and professional life.

Super apps are developed to combine several mobile apps’ features, services, and functionalities into a single app. They make different services easily accessible to users. With them, users can easily make transportation reservations, purchase and sell products, order meals, make payments, and initiate other financial transactions.

For the growth of your business, Super apps will:

  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Improve business scalability
  • Collect behavioral data that help you know how your products are used and consumers’ reactions to your product

Super apps have many more benefits, making them one of the technologies you should adopt in 2023 for the growth of your business.


To enable virtual interaction, the metaverse combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) elements. It is a virtual space where users can explore and create with other people that are not in the exact physical location as them.

Augmented reality places audio, visual components, and other sensory input over real-time situations to improve user experience. On the other hand, Virtual reality enhances made-up realities and is entirely virtual.

Four key innovations make metaverse a technology trend that will enable growth for your business:

  • Web3

This is a new form of tech that allows users to control their identity and data. It is helpful in a system where value is exchanged between organizations and people.

  • Spatial Computing

This three-tiered technological stack allows users to experience the nexus of the physical and digital worlds.

  • Digital Twin Of A Person (DToP)

DToP not only replicates a particular person but also enables near-real-time synced multi-presence, allowing one to be present in several places simultaneously in both digital and actual spaces.

  • Digital Twin Of Customer (DToC)

DToC is a virtual depiction of a client that learns to imitate and anticipate behavior through simulation. Customers might be individuals or even machines.

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