How the Cloud Simplifies Business Continuity Planning

Often it takes something to go horribly wrong for some to understand the need for risk mitigation. For example, you start a new business, and everything is going well. Then a year and a half in and one of your computers crashes and you end up losing all the files on the hard drive.

In the aftermath of a data disaster or other catastrophe is when the importance of planning for business continuity becomes crystal clear. Trouble can often strike when we least expect it, so the only way to protect your business from losses is to anticipate and plan for for multiple risks.

From managed backup of data to creating a phone tree in the event of a natural disaster, there are multiple areas of any thorough business continuity plan. But one way to simplify the entire process and protect your company for the future is through use of cloud-based solutions.

According to Unitrends Fifth Annual Cloud and Disaster Recovery Survey, organizations have been increasingly adopting the Cloud for data protection, with approximately 60% of respondents using cloud storage and backup features, and 80% expected to be using them by 2020.

There are many good reasons so many companies are turning to the protection of the Cloud.

Protecting Your Company with Cloud Solutions

The Cloud allows for offloading of business-critical services so they are not dependent on a physical location, therefore eliminating several business continuity concerns.

Costs for data loss and downtime are significant, averaging $5,600 per minute across all sized companies, and $8,000 per hour for small businesses.

Here are typical problems and disasters that threaten business continuity and how the use of the Cloud can protect you from risk.

IT Outages

Computer and IT outages can happen for any number of reasons:

  • Hard drive crash
  • Software conflict
  • Damaged device (such as dropped or spilled on laptop)
  • Overheating
  • Human error
  • Lost external backup drive

If you happen to have all your computer’s data backed up to a local drive that then crashes or suffers an outage for an extended period of time, your business could end up coming to a standstill. Using cloud solutions protects you by storing another copy of your data in the cloud that’s accessible from any device.

If you’re using a program like Office 365, you also have all your software available when you need it and can easily continue working from another computer should yours go down and need repairs.


Nearly 60% of companies have experienced a cyberattack. And those are just the ones that are reported. From ransomware attacks that render data unreadable until a ransom is paid, to virus infections that can quickly spread through all the devices on a network, these can result in costly losses of data if it’s not backed up off premises.

By using cloud-based backup solutions, you mitigate your risk. For example, in the event of a ransomware attack, the attacker has no power, since you can easily restore all your data from the cloud program.

In the event of a virus infection, cloud solutions have safeguards that allow your data to remain protected, so you can easily restore it once the virus is removed from your local device.

Adverse Weather

Storms and extreme weather can cause physical damage to your office and take out everything inside, including all your devices and any data backups stored onsite.

Adverse weather can also make it difficult for your employees to get into the office, in the case of a snowstorm, for example. In both cases, your business could end up at a standstill if all your data is tied to your office location.

If you’re using cloud solutions for your office workflow and customer support, then you could easily have a business continuity plan that allows staff members to work from home or an alternate location in the case of adverse or catastrophic weather, keeping everyone safe and your business online at the same time.


Another disaster that can strike a physical building at any time is a fire. Whether nature or man-made they can mean devastating losses of everything at your office building.

Using cloud solutions allows you to keep your operations running and money coming in even in the aftermath of a fire, which could wipe out your physical office. The Cloud allows you to keep your virtual office untouched and operational.

Power Outages

Unexpected power outages don’t cause physical damage, but they can still cause downtime for your business that costs you money each minute you’re left in the dark.

Cloud applications that allow you to access your data from anywhere on any device mean you can easily regroup your team in an area that has power to keep your VoIP phones being answered and your customers being assisted.

Find the Best Cloud Solutions for Your Business Continuity

There are multiple cloud options out there that will help your business become down-time resistant. The best way to sort through them and arrive at the perfect cloud plan to match your needs is to schedule a 30-minute call with our Cloudavize experts.

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