Microsoft Just Entered AI In a Big Way with Copilot

Humans and innovations are two inseparable factors in the world today. With the abundance of creators and inventors in different fields, it is no surprise that the level of innovation and various technology trends we see in the world today is much more than it was in the past. All these are a result of the passion and need to create and build platforms and systems that aid to reduce human effort.

One such technology trend facilitating ease in the world today is the application of AI (think ChatGPT). This tech trend has helped make work easier and faster and has helped in eliminating monotonous jobs that make work tedious and uninteresting. Many businesses have incorporated various AI tools in their daily operations as they believe it is one of the keys to helping boost productivity. According to Statista, businesses witness revenue increases of 5% or more when they incorporate AI into their processes.

Read on to learn more about this new, captivating, and thrilling addition to Office tools.

How Microsoft Is Altering the Work Landscape with Copilot

Satya Nadella, the chairman of Microsoft’s Board of Directors, said in the virtual product launch that “this is the beginning of the evolution of how humans will interact with computing, as it will alter the way humans work. It will also open up a new wave of work productivity and business growth.” He added that the new Copilot will give people a greater opportunity to access and handle technology through the next best computing interface – natural language.

Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365, also commented at the event, adding that “Copilot makes work more than just a job,” and that “it will help us recover the lost soul of work, which reduces productivity in every way and not just work.” He mentioned that “Copilot merges the power of broad language models with 365 apps and company data, with the aim to make your words into a tool that highlights productivity.” But what exactly can Copilot do?

What is Copilot Capable of?

During the press conference/product launch, the launch video showed Copilot being integrated into Office work apps for use. Users can create whole presentations with just a text prompt. For instance, if you need to give a speech, you can ask Copilot to “create a speech about how it pays to be hardworking,” and you’re good to go.  

Copilot in Word can generate and offer a summary of that generated text, and, in Excel, can create expert data report representations and identify actionable points in these reports. What’s more, this tool can help you summarize all that was said in a Teams meeting.

In the virtual product launch, chairman Satya Nadella mentioned that the novel Copilot will transform how we work in three ways:

  • By unleashing creativity
  • By unlocking productivity, and
  • By up-leveling skills.

Here’s how it plans to do that:

By unleashing creativity

Copilot in all your M365 apps assists with the creative process users need to begin every project. It is common for users to loiter around the app looking for how to write the introductory paragraph. Copilot generates a first draft you can build on through editing and iterating. This saves writers and other user types hours when gathering content, and writing first, second, and final drafts.

Of course, there is a chance that Copilot might be wrong with its first suggestion, but that only gives you one less way to approach your task. After a while, Copilot then acts as a “copilot,” as you write, suggesting ideas and ways to do things and offering you input from past projects.

By unlocking productivity

Work is usually fun when we do only productive stuff, but we all know how impossible that can be. Copilot lightens this burden of identifying what’s productive and what’s not by helping with summaries of long text in emails and Word to offering suggestions on how to reply to emails and write conclusions. Email becomes a quick stop rather than the stop.

Copilot can offer suggestions on what next to do after a meeting in Teams. Lastly, in all the apps, you can automate pedestrian tasks and practicalize ideas in minutes.

By up-leveling skills

Working with Copilot will definitely make you better at what you do and helps you learn faster. We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to Excel and some other Microsoft 365 apps, and Copilot promises to push us to get better at what we do and how we do it through a daily suggestion of unused functions. Copilot, using natural language, unlocks all of this.

This will create an environment where people are much more knowledgeable about what can actually be done on these apps and be able to increase task completion rates.

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