In 2022, the world got introduced to a new AI Chatbot tool – ChatGPT. This Chatbot allows users to ask questions on any topic. Businesses have seen this as a more accessible option than traditional search engines. Currently, millions of people and companies have moved with this wave. To back up that assertion is a report from Statista that five days after ChatGPT was launched, it recorded a million users worldwide.

However, with ChatGPT’s seemingly endless benefits, Microsoft has decided to leverage them by integrating ChatGPT in its newest Bing search engine version. However, Microsoft’s latest decision seems like a threat to Google because it might dominate the web search, especially now that Google has announced its Chatbot tech – Bard.

Furthermore, Microsoft mentioned that the new Bing’s ChatGPT-infused version will act as a “co-pilot for the web.” So, instead of having only traditional search results with links to diverse adverts and websites, this new version will have a sidebar, providing diverse but detailed answers.

In addition, Microsoft stated that the search results would come with each source’s reference links for further verification by the user. This article will briefly overview what ChatGPT does, how to use the new Bing’s AI-powered search version, and the benefits the new version has in store for users and, potentially, various cloud services.


ChatGPT – Overview

OpenAI, an AI research company, is the brain behind ChatGPT. You should at least know a few of its AI tools available on the internet, even if you don’t know OpenAI. An example of another OpenAI tool is the DALL.E 2, which has been on many platforms’ hotlists.

On November 30th, 2022, ChatGPT was introduced as a prototype, which gained the world’s attention for delivering detailed responses from diverse knowledge domains. It allows you to ask prompts (questions) by answering them in almost natural-sounding and human-like answers. 

Furthermore, its User Interface was created in a chat/conversation form. In addition, after a few initial missteps, it has been trained/built to reject harmful or inappropriate questions/requests. Users who try to introduce an inappropriate request might likely get an error message instead. That way, it’s less risky compared to other AI-powered tools.


How to Use the Microsoft Bing’s Newly Added ChatGPT

Below are practical steps to using the new Bing’s ChatGPT-induced version:

The first phase is to gain access to Bing’s ChatGPT search version. Follow the steps below:

  • First off, open your Microsoft Edge
  • Open Microsoft Bing’s waitlist page
  • Tap the Sign-in option at the top-right of the page
  • Confirm your Microsoft account details
  • Tap the “Join the waitlist” option
  • (Optional) Set up Microsoft Edge as your default web directory/browser by clicking the ‘Make default button.”
  • (Optional) Set up Bing as your default web directory using your Microsoft account via Edge. Then, select Bing from the address bar setting
  • (Optional) Install the Microsoft Bing application on your smartphone

With the above guidelines, you’ll be able to have access, and once you’re authorized to access the new Bing version, use the following steps to use the Chatbot:

  • Open Microsoft Bing
  • Type your questions inside the search space and press the Enter or the Search button
  • Check the primary search results, then check Bing’s AI search results on the right side of your page 
  • Although optional, you can tap the “See more” option to see more results 
  • If you want, select the “Let’s chat” option below the search space to access the Chatbot 
  • If you wish, type a question you can ask someone close to you. 
  • Since the AI is context-aware, you can follow up your previous questions with other questions 

Those are the required and not so required steps; yes, they’re easy. Also, note that this version’s AI hasn’t been fully introduced, so there might be a few barriers. For instance, presently, you can only ask six questions per session in the chat section, and a user can only have sixty sessions daily.  

Certainly, these little limitations will be addressed, and the sessions might get increased to a hundred sessions daily. 


The Benefits the New Microsoft Bing ChatGPT Version Has in Store for Its Users

The following are the fantastic benefits users will enjoy with Bing’s newest version: 


Better search experience

This new Microsoft Bing version gives users an enhanced search experience, offering diverse but relevant results to queries on topics like the weather, sports scores, and stock prices, with a sidebar showing more comprehensive results.


An excellent chat experience

Aside from its enhanced search interface, users can now have a conversation for more detailed or complex queries, such as asking about the best Laptop to buy or how to plan a detailed travel itinerary. That helps users to refine their search until they have the best answers to what they’re searching for, and these answers come with links to their sources.


Complete and relevant answers 

This new version gathers results from diverse web sources to help find the suitable answer to the query inputted. For instance, users can get detailed guidelines on how to bake a cake without using sugar and without going through numerous results.


A creative touch

Most times, we often need ideas or inspiration rather than just an answer. Fortunately, this new version can give users inspiration and ideas on a topic. It can help users write an email, prepare for job interviews, or create questions for trivia night, with citations from the sources provided.


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