Primer on Viva Sales - Microsoft's New App to Improve Seller Experience

Viva Sales, according to Microsoft, is the most sophisticated AI-driven sales technology solution. “Viva Sales is a seller experience tool that allows sellers to utilize Office 365 and Teams to collect data into any CRM system automatically. Reducing manual data input and allowing sellers more time to focus on selling,” it states.

As a seller/salesperson, you spend significant time on administrative chores, such as inputting data into your CRM system to maintain it up to date. Time is money for sellers, and connections are essential. The time you spend inputting data into your CRM might be better spent on other important duties, such as meeting with new clients and selling.

83% of organizations already assert that they have placed AI as the top priority in their plans. Therefore, with its AI capabilities, Viva Sales can interface with any current CRM, supercharging it in the simplest ways. With all their data in one location, Viva Sales users can meet more individuals, convert them into customers, and foster long-lasting connections.

What Inspired the Development of Viva Sales, a New Seller Experience Application?

Viva Sales is a unique and modern approach to selling. As an intelligent CRM partner, Viva Sales simplifies sellers’ lives while expanding their CRM. The future of selling does not include learning a new system. It is putting the information sellers require at the right moment and in the correct context into the tools they are already accustomed to expedite their work experience. 

Viva Sales expands on Microsoft Viva, introduced last year, and delivers an integrated employee experience platform that assists employees throughout their employment journey. Viva combines communication, learning, objectives, and insights to enable every individual and team to achieve more from any location.

Sellers are often busy people who value connections; nonetheless, sellers spend more time on administrative activities than they do selling. This spurred the development of a new tool for sellers that allows them to reclaim their time and focus on what is most important: creating solid relationships and closing agreements.

Having critical information in the flow of work saves time. It also helps sellers make better decisions and allows sellers to create stronger connections so they can complete more sales quicker. Furthermore, with customer engagement data easily and consistently managed in CRM systems, firms can run more accurate sales reports and projections, enhancing company performance.

The Features Included in The Viva Sales Public Preview

Viva Sales provides an ideal digital employee experience. Below are the different features of Viva Sales:

  • Collaborate With Colleagues In Teams And Outlook On Essential Customer Data: Sellers may search for customers from within a Teams chat and quickly share it with their team. They may copy and paste client contacts from Outlook as rich, editable context into a Teams chat. All of this enables sales teams to obtain client context without having to switch to CRM.
  • Maintain Security And Compliance: Viva Sales adheres to business security and privacy rules in providing client contact information, including CRM access limits and user permissions. It is a simple option to turn on.
  • Quick Installation And Configuration: A Microsoft 365 admin may configure the Viva Sales application and assign users from the admin center.

Benefits of Viva Sales to Users

Microsoft Viva Sales is intended to assist salespeople in working as they want, without the need for excessive context switching or manual data entering. It combines your daily platforms—your CRM, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams—to create a more simplified and AI-powered selling experience. The following are the benefits of Viva Sales:

  • The AI-based recommendations from Viva Sale would assist users in optimizing the process for improved sales conversions and replacing boredom and confusion with an emotional connection to sales discussions. Microsoft Viva Sales is a must-have sales technology platform for any business. It values sales effectiveness, real-time data analytics, and AI as game changers.

  • Viva Sales will make you a sales listening king! How? Its advanced Conversation Intelligence in Teams will provide innovative insights about many actions related to a sales activity, such as call quality, talk-to-listen ratio, and so on.

  • With Viva Sales, you can now simply mark contacts as clients in Outlook with a single click. Data from your CRM populates Viva Sales, putting customer information at your fingertips. When you meet with clients in a Teams call, you may record and transcribe the discussion to generate a rich recap utilizing conversation intelligence.

    The meeting summary assists you in understanding the general sentiment of the call and tracking essential discussions.

  • Viva utilizes AI to identify likely beneficial emails and proposes them in the same manner as it suggests tasks and related papers.

Uses of Microsoft Viva Sales Today

Globally, more merchants are now involved in Viva Sales. It eliminates manual data entering into your Microsoft or other CRM. It offers personalized and actionable insights in Teams, SharePoint, and other Microsoft 365 applications when necessary.

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