What Technology Upgrades Should Our Company Consider Before the End of the Year?

With the last quarter of the calendar year already here, many business owners are thinking about their upcoming 2021 taxes and any potential deductions they may be able to take.

One of the helpful tax deductions is for technology hardware and software in Section 179 of the U.S. tax code. Any purchases made before the end of the year can be used to reduce your tax burden.

These credits include all types of technology, from purchased software to security technologies.

We’ve been quite busy lately helping businesses with a variety of office technology upgrades to enhance their security, productivity, and efficiency. When deciding on what office upgrade can provide you excellent value for your investment, here are several you should consider.

Security Cameras

Wireless security camera systems have become easier than ever to use and manage. They offer a variety of video and voice/video units that can be discretely placed wherever you need them around your office property.

Today’s modern security systems offer high-resolution images and the ability to double as a front door or front gate intercom system. All feeds are easily viewed from any device.

This is an addition that’s a great value for the increase in security and peace of mind.

Door Access System

Are you tired of having office keys lost or have trouble tracking down who last accessed the maintenance shed? Automated access systems using keypads and logging systems are much more efficient than using keys.

They allow you to easily track which employees are entering any given door and can help you control after-hours access.

You no longer have to spend money having locks changed after a key employee leaves the company or someone loses their office key. The entire system is automated, and codes can be easily changed at any time.

Conference Room AV or Video “Huddle Rooms”

Video conferencing has become the default way that the world meets since the pandemic began. Having old equipment or not having a dedicated space where employees can hold a professional video conference can hurt your business reputation and image.

Conference room AV includes installing professional HD monitors, a soundbar for crystal-clear clarity, and an easy IT setup that allows users to connect to a call quickly without struggling with cords or devices.

Huddle rooms have also become popular. These are smaller spaces where a small group can access an optimized video meeting space anytime.

VoIP Phone System

With many employees needing to work from home during the pandemic (and many still working from home), the landline office phone system has become obsolete.

There are several benefits to using a VoIP system, this includes being accessible from anywhere, so all employees can make use of a professional office phone system, no matter where they are working.

VoIP also ensures that in the event of a natural disaster, your office phone lines will still be up and running.

Another popular reason companies are switching to VoIP is for cost savings. Cloud-based phone systems offer a significant reduction in both startup and ongoing phone costs while offering multiple feature benefits, some of which can’t be found in analog phones.

New Windows 11 Devices

Windows 11 has just been released and is rolling out now through mid-2022. If you have some office PCs that aren’t compatible with the new OS, then instead of trying to add components to those old devices, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new PC with Windows 11 already installed.

Purchasing these now, before the end of the year, will give you the opportunity to take tax credits for technology purchases and depreciation.

Business VPN

Many companies are in a different operating environment today than they were before the pandemic, being that many employees are working from home. 80% of surveyed company leaders said they plan to allow employees to continue working remotely at least part-time after the pandemic has passed.

This opens up a can of worms when it comes to network security because employees are often connecting from less secure home Wi-Fi networks to access and transmit business data.

A business virtual private network (VPN) keeps all those connections secure through encryption and can be used on any device and while traveling and connecting to free unsecured Wi-Fi.

A VPN is easy to use as well. Companies sign up for an account and add users. Then each employee will simply download the VPN app on their devices and then log in to connect. The VPN keeps all their online traffic secure.

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The end of the year is coming fast, and now is the best time to make technology upgrades if you want to gain a tax credit in a few short months. Cloudadvize can work with your Dallas-Fort Worth business to review your current needs and help you implement valuable upgrades.

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