6 Reasons to Switch from Break-Fix to Managed IT

Having to constantly deal with IT problems in your business can be frustrating experience. These technical issues frequently happen at the worst moments, which reduces productivity. 

While you may believe that your company does not have an IT department, the technologies used in your office say otherwise. The desktops, laptops, printers, routers, and other network devices are part of the technology stack in your company. Think of what would happen if any or all of this equipment broke down. Your business processes will suffer as a result. 

At that point, there is only one option to get your systems back to functioning properly. That is to reach out to a break-fix IT service provider.

What is Break-fix IT?

The idea behind break-fix IT is simple. When a piece of technology in your business malfunctions, requires maintenance, or breaks, an IT provider is contacted to fix the problem. They may come to you or you can take the broken hardware to their location for repair. That is essentially how the arrangement operates.

Break-fix IT services are centered around emergency calls and on-site visits. Clients are billed for time spent fixing their IT issues.

The Problem with Break-Fix IT

Under the right conditions, the break-fit model can be beneficial. However, it can also be a recipe for disaster. This is because when your technology malfunctions or breaks down, it can greatly impact operations and cost more money. You may also face several problems, including:

Unplanned Downtime and challenges

The break-fix model is reactive, and because of this, your company must deal with service outages. When you have a technical issue, waiting for a break-fix service provider to respond puts your company’s operations at risk.

Temporary solutions 

Instead of addressing problems permanently, break-fix service providers sometimes propose quick fixes.

Hourly Rates

Break-fix IT billing is based on hourly rates. Although this might initially appear to be cost-effective, the amount they charge for their hourly rate limits the long-term savings. The billing also depends on how complicated your system problems are and how frequently they are called to repair them.

Relies on Visible Problems

When small issues accumulate and go unnoticed for a long time, they can quickly become bigger and more complicated issues.

Rather than routinely identifying potential problems and resolving them before they arise, the break-fix system relies on visible problems to occur before an IT provider can be called for assistance.

Long Arrival Time

It’s impossible to predict when the break-fix service provider will arrive. It can be hours, days, or even weeks before the break-fix team attends to your malfunctioning systems, delaying business operations that could be detrimental to the business.

Therefore, what is the best option for your business? Making the switch from break-fix to managed IT

What are Managed IT Services?

The managed IT services model proactively approaches IT management instead of the break-fix IT model’s reactive nature. The managed IT model uses a more holistic approach to IT services and has a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) that regulates their interaction with clients and defines the range of their work.

According to a study, the managed IT service market is expanding at a CAGR growth of 12.6% from 2022 to 2030. Also, 29% of small businesses work with a managed IT provider to handle their technological needs.

By proactively fixing problems before they develop, managed IT services aim to lower expenses and eliminate or decrease business downtime. This is done to correct problems before they become bigger IT issues or cause a system failure.

Benefits of Managed IT

While the break-fix model is all about fixing technical issues, the managed IT model focuses on preventing these technical issues from occurring. Here are some of the benefits of switching to a managed IT service.

Helpdesk Support 

When you switch to managed IT, you get access to the provider’s 24/7 helpdesk. You can email, chat, or call to talk to an IT expert.

Make Your IT Team More Effective

Demands for assistance with login issues, user issues, and equipment malfunctions can overwhelm your IT team. Your IT crew cannot concentrate on their primary duties when they are distracted by these menial activities. 

When you switch to the managed IT model, your employees can carry out the duties for which they were hired and concentrate on more crucial activities.

Payment System

The managed IT services billing model often charges a flat-rate subscription and fixed monthly fee. In contrast, break/fix fees are based on a fee-for-service basis and are fully flexible, with customers being charged for actual components and labor at the completion of a service call or project.

Controls Client’s Network

The managed IT service provider assumes nearly total management over the client’s technology and network and overall responsibility for its operation.

Avoid Expensive Downtime

Managed IT service providers tackle maintenance proactively rather than wait for something to go wrong. They utilize remote management and monitoring to find issues, analyze them, and solve them before they have an opportunity to escalate.

Cyber Security Support

Managed IT service companies implement cybersecurity measures to guarantee that your business complies with security standards.

Reasons to Switch from the Break-Fix Model to Managed IT Model

Here are reasons why you need to switch from break-fix to managed IT

If your business:

  • Desires a predictable IT expense that can last for several years
  • Desires a consistent business partner to work on business and technological objectives
  • Has more in its IT space than what can be regularly managed daily
  • Has requirements for or concerns about compliance
  • Can’t afford to have much downtime
  • Wants technology to work without having to deal with breakdowns

A managed IT service is a good fit for you. 

Make the Switch to Managed IT for Your Business

Reduce costs and improve your business profit and productivity by switching to managed IT services.

Reach out to Cloudavize to learn more about the many benefits of using managed IT services!